Mengenal Mesin Pompa Transfer Dynaflo

Pompa Sentrifugal buatan Australia yang kuat dan ekonomis dengan single impeller ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk pertanian dan pencucian komersial, spearpoint, transfer air, dan sistem irigasi. Kelebihan dan Fitur Pompa Dynaflo 6230 Davey: – Every pump is performance and pressure tested in our factory to ensure quality and reliability. – Cast iron pump casing with baked polyester finish inside & outside for long life. – Oring sealed hand tightened priming plugs for easy operation. – Proven, robust pump design for long life. – Davey manufactured motor with IP56-TEFC, 2 pole motor is corrosion resistant for long term protection against vermin, dust and water. – Motor and pump are designed for frequent starts providing a long and reliable working life. – In-built thermal overload protection with automatic reset in all single phase models for long term motor protection. – Double contact seal, C3, high temperature greased bearings for long life and smooth running. – Corrosion resistant motor mounting feet for long life.

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