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Double Case Pumps - Small

-Open impeller, semi vortex, centrifugal design is able to pump small soft solids in suspension and is less susceptible to blockage.
-Hard face silicon carbide / ceramic mechanical shaft seal in oil bath for added motor protection and long service life.
-Sand slinger lip seal for added protection and a long service life.
-Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel fasterners for long service life and attractive, lasting appearance.
-Double case with full discharge flow past internal motor shell is able to operate in partially submerged installations and has bettermotor cooling for longer life.
-Automatic resetting thermal overload protects pump from overloading.

These pumps are ideal for applications such as:
-Domestic fountains or water falls
-Sump emptying
-Emergency flood relief
-Water transfer
-Pumping in partially submerged applications